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Help / FAQ

How the page works

As a buyer
You can search boats and yachts. You can also narrow down the search by selecting, for example, a manufacturer or a boat type. To get more information you can have a look at the contact page, here you can contact the seller, by email or phone.


As a Seller
First you must register. After successful registration, you will receive an e-mail. In the e-mail is an activation code or activation link that you must click to complete your registration. This acknowledgment connection is also required to avoid SPAM.
Now you can login with your login data and list a boot. For the list, various information is requested and also pictures can be uploaded.
After saving, the ad is online.
Under my ads, you can view the listed boats and modify and expand the data, or add more pictures.



The website essentially displays US $ as currency.
You can also specify the euro when listing a boat, which is then automatically converted to US $ with a day rate. The currency you entered appears below the details view.
The currency chosen for a sale is to be determined by the buyers and sellers and is not to be influenced by the website.

Costs / Fees

First, the website free of charge.
They can list and modify boats, or delete, no charges are required.
The same applies to a buyer, it is free of charge.
If you want to have your boat display listed on the first page then you can reach it by a small fee, see below by Featured ads


SPAM protection

In order to provide spam protection for providers and customers, data are sent to the provider for queries, such as the location and / or the IP address.

The data thus recognized will ONLY be used for this purpose.
If we send feedbacks via SPAM Emails we will list them in a Blacklist.


FRAUD Protection

We keep a database in which all the fraud attempts we have experienced are laid out. In the case of a query, the query data is then matched with the data stock, and then an info is sent to a hit by e-mail.
To provide spam protection for providers and customers, data is sent to the provider, eg location and IP address.
The data thus recognized will ONLY be used for this purpose.



For to place Ads you need to register in the page.

Fill in all fields, (Fields with a red border are required )
Your Email Address will never display in the Webpage, any contact are over a contactform.
For more acceotance to possible clients use no niknames

After complete the registration we will send you an email to Confirm you registration. in this Email is a Activation Code, or activation Link witch has to click . the webpage will after sending respone a confirmation page.



To list a boat you must be logged in.
After logging in, you will find all your ads under "myads". You can also find your contact details here and you can change them to customize your telephone number, for example.


Place ad

After logging in, you can list a boat. There are enclosed fields which must be filled (required, with red border) as the heading.
In some fields, labeling is suggested, such as the boat manufacturer, if you adopt these suggestions, your boat can be found in the search.
For the equipment and a description, text fields are provided which can be freely described.
Lastly you can upload pictures to the ship.
After saving your ship online.
You can make changes and extensions at any time later.


Ad Pictures

You can upload images to your ad. These images must be in JPG, PNG or GIF. The size should be around 1600x1600 px. Too small images (less than 400 px) will reduce the success of your ad.

Larger pictures are automatically adapted by the website, only for large images longer loading times are to be expected


Featured ads

You can speed up the sale of your boat by putting your ad "forward".
After entering your ship you can find your boat listed under "My Boats". Here is a button where you can book this.
For these special ads we charge a small fee, which also serves for the maintenance of the website.

You find a buyer and sell your boat assist by the page

You will find a buyer and sell your boat, supported by our website.
Perfect, this is what the website is for.
To continue offering this free service, we would appreciate a donation (for example with Paypal).


Browser compatibility

The Web page is written in HTML 5.
All current browsers can display the content correctly. This applies to both desktop computers and smartphones.
Older browsers, preferably Internet Explorer 9 and older can have display problems.

Android APP

The is also available as an Android app on Google PlayStore. The app is based on this website. All data is displayed on both systems. Boats can also be listed through the APP.

The installation is done through the Google Play Store: "SailboaListings"
After the installation, your smartphone / tablet will ask for permissions:
1. Access all networks
2. Access photos / media / files
3. Access the camera
4. Access to memory
If you allow the accesses you can list your ship for sale and upload pictures to it.
The website itself does not have access to your device!


Give us feedback to the website

Your opinion is important to us.
Give us a feedback, positive as well as negative, what you see on the website for improvements that could still be installed or what you perceive as bad or what you consider to be inappropriate. We will try to find a solution.
If you have received spam or similar via the website, please also provide a short feedback.


Our partner website

The idea for was to create a simple website which is intended for the sale of sailing yachts.

In order to offer additional functions and options, we have created a more complex website,

The offers several languages, additional search functions, map presentations, shipyard information and much more.

Visit the website and see for yourself.